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We had a revolving door of goalkeeper coaches. Greg brought in several different coaches whose main experience had been on youth teams. They were telling us things like "make your hands in a W shape to catch the ball." I felt embarrassed: here we were playing at the highest level, and the coaches were instructing us as if we were in high school. Finally Ian Feuer came in, an accomplished keeper and coach having played in England at the highest level. I loved working with Ian but I didnt expect him to be around for long as he could make a lot more money working somewhere else. 

Exerpt from her book "Memoir of Hope" by Hope Solo


Hope Solo - U.S. National Team

 I began playing soccer at the late age of 18 years old after playing my first season of soccer my senior year of high school I was recommended to call Ian Feuer to try and get some private trainings. I ended up training with him for the first time around November 2009 and by March 2015 I ended up signing my first professional contract with the LA Galaxy.  The reason I am telling you that is without meeting Ian I would not be anywhere close to where I am today.  Since day 1 Ian has been a mentor I can look up to for advice about being a professional on and off the field.  In relation to on the field Ian's sessions are by far the best I have been through.  The way he can create sessions to help build individual skill, basic technique, preparations toward scouting reports on teams and certain players we play against, or just to make sure that the session relates to the team topic of the practice day is absolutely world class.  Ian is a coach that will take any keeper and help them reach their full potential the right way.


Trey Mitchell - LA Galaxy

Major League Soccer

Goalkeepers are a special breed and it takes a special kind of person to understand them and help them to nuture them and bring out the best in them. Ian Feuer is one of those persons. Under Ian's guidance I improved and excelled to a level which helped me win M.L.S. Goalkeeper of the year. Ian is a great person to work with and to be around. He is also the best keeper coach I have had the pleasure of working with. His knowledge of the game is simply amazing and how he then can bring that into his sessions and teach is incredible. 


Donovan Ricketts - LA Galaxy

Major League Soccer

I have known Ian Feuer in a professional capacity for over 30 years. We met as we both work in the football industry and our paths have crossed on many occasions. We kept in touch and as we both moved from playing to coaching, Ian deputised for me on occasiopns on the international level. I have always found Ian to be dedicated, hardworking as well as a fantastic team member and his coaching skills and knowledge are second to none.


Chris Woods - Current West Ham United Keeper coach and former U.S. National Team, Manchester United and Everton keeper coach



Simply put, Ian Feuer is the best goalkeeper coach I have worked with. Not only does he have the playing experience but he has an insight into the position unlike any other coach I have had. He has both knowledge of the keeper position itself as well as the game as a whole.I attribute much of my success so far and longevity to being able to with Ian during my first three years in Major League Soccer. I started out my first half of a season as a pool goalkeeper for M.L.S. and went into 6 different teams and got to work with many different keeper coaches and I couldn't have been more fortunate to end up in L.A. with Ian as my coach. Working with Ian reinvented my thinking of the role of the goalkeeper coach and his commitment to making all of the keepers better was unparalleled. This included constantly inventing new sessions in order to work on the small details we needed help with, filming training sessions and breaking them down into the smallest of details as well as filming our upcoming opponents and exposing their strengths and weaknesses. His sessions constantly stripped the technique we were trying to work on down to the basic steps and over repetitions were something that became ingrained and helped us improve every day. Most of all Ian's approach to the psychological side of the game was amazing! He got inside the mind of each keeper and knew how to interact and teach each individual while forming them into the best they could possibly be.


Brian Rowe - LA Galaxy

Major League Soccer



In my years as a professional goalkeeper, I have worked with many keeper coaches and by far working with Ian Feuer was the best and most educational experience for me. He molded me into the keeper I am today and made me confident and prepared no matter if it was a game or a training day. His work is so progressive and goes above and beyond pertaining to sessions, flow of sessions, technical video review from the days session (which he films every day) mental preparation, and opponent video review. His expertise from playing the game at the highest level has allowed him to become such a great coach and mentor. Not only that but he is an amazing person and I loved working with him. He is fit to coach any professional team and whoever he lands with is very lucky.


Josh Saunders - New York City F.C.

Major League Soccer




From youth to professional goalkeepers, Ian Feuer's Premier Goalkeeping Academy is the leader in teaching, developing and mentoring the keepers of today and tomorrow.



We are dedicated to helping each individual achieve their own personal goals and ambitions. Whether you are looking to make the A.Y.S.O. all star team or club team, to play in college and pro, or even the greatest honour of all, playing for your country, our method will give you everything you need to be succesful.



Nothing is more satisfying for us than to be able to bring to you the knowledge and experience we have gained playing, training and learning from some of the best players and coaches  in the world.



From personal one on one sessions to game analysis, Premier Goalkeeping Academy will be there to guide you through every step of the way on your path to personal greatness.
















My Name is Josh Wicks and I am a professional goal keeper playing in the Swedish superettan. I am currently going on my 10th season as a professional goal keeper and this is my 5th year in Europe. Ian was my Goal Keeper coach when I played with the LA Galaxy. That was My 1st season at the highest level in america. The experience and skills I gained from Ian I still use in my everyday training. The knowledge of being a goal keeper was forever changed in me for the better while under his coaching. With my history as a professional goal keeper I can honestly say that with the football training and the life lessons as a growing man that Ian has bestowed upon me while under him, allow me to continue to grow in this sport as well as a man. He was and is a great goal keeper coach as well as a mentor. I was not the easiest goal keeper to coach either, as well all know Goal Keepers are a little different than your average footballer. If I could I would love for him to be my trainer at every club i am at, as i know that he will bring the best out of and encourage me to be even better than i am. I have had many Goal keeper coaches in my career and by far he has influenced me the most as a goal keeper hands down.

With great honor and pride I say these things about my friend, mentor, and GK Coach Ian Feuer!!!


Josh Wicks - AFC United

Swedish Superettan 

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